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  Allen County Amateur Radio Technical Society

The 443.80 Repeater Information

Location:  N 41  05.67    W 85  10.82

The 443.800 system is a carrier-access repeater located at the site of WANE-TV on West State Blvd in Fort Wayne. Itís antenna is side mounted  at the 600 foot level of the 855 foot tower.

Equipment. The equipment presently in use is a GE Master II commercial solid-state repeater, with a receiver having approximately 0.18 uV sensitivity for 20 db quieting, and a 60 watt output transmitter which produces a maximum effective radiated power of 130 watts from the antenna. The typical usable range to a 10-watt mobile rig is 25-30 miles

Antenna System. The antenna is a Tri-Band fiberglass-covered collinear, being fed by 7/8 inch foam dielectric, solid aluminum jacketed hard-line. The repeater uses a Phelps-Dodge 6 cavity duplexer to allow simultaneous transmission and reception on a single antenna (full-duplex operation). The duplexer provides under 1 dB of insertion loss while maintaining more than 120 dB of isolation between transmitter and receiver.

Timeout: The "you talked too long" timeout is 90seconds

Reset: The system timeout timer resets when the input signal ceases for at least 1 sec, which is indicated by a 15 ms tone burst.

Dropout Delay. The transmitter drops out after an input signal has been absent for 3.5 seconds.

Autopatch. Approximately 90 seconds of operation, starting at access, is available before the patch times out and restores normal operation. This timer may be extended once.