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General Vendor Information

The following is some general information for our vendors. Note that this same information is included in your vendor confirmation package, which is mailed in September to all vendors with current table reservations.

Drive in / setup times

Drive-in doors open: 4:00 pm (2:00 pm for premium vendors only) to 8:15 pm
all vehicles out by 8:45 pm
doors close and everyone out by 9:00 pm
Drive-in doors open: 6:00 am to 8:15 am
all vehicles out by 8:45 am
doors open to public at 9:00 am

NO vehicles allowed in for setup
walk-in only from 8:00 am to 8:50 am
doors open to public at 9:00 am
Note: No vehicles will be allowed into the building until the public has cleared after 2 pm.

Admission Ticket Policy

Anyone inside the building during set-up times must have a vendor ticket or pass, and those without one will be escorted out. (NO exceptions)! Fleamarket vendors can purchase tickets (discounted to $5 and good for prize drawings) at checkin. There are no advanced sales. Premium table vendors are supplied with complimentary passes (2 max per table, 6 max per vendor, at checkin), which are not good for prize drawings.


During set-up, anyone carrying merchandise out of the facility will be stopped and required to provide proof of ownership. This is to insure that no one walk's off with YOUR property. Please note that overall security of your property is YOUR responsibility both during setup and while the show is open. We hope we can count on your cooperation. A Deputy Sheriff will be on-site continuously from Friday at 4 PM through Sunday at noon.

General Notes

As in the past, you will be able to drive directly to your table, but please note the above times that the drive-in doors will be closing, and plan accordingly. Vendors setting up or bringing in additional merchandise Sunday morning can pull up just outside the appropriate drive-in door and hand truck your items in. Any tables not occupied by 9:00 AM Sunday will be resold.

Hamfest personnel will be at each drive-in door to offer assistance, both during setup and Sunday afternoon during teardown.

The facility is a smoke free one, so there is NO SMOKING anywhere within the building.

There can be no playing recorded or live music unless you can provide proof of an ASCAP/BMI license

We will not allow the open display of pornographic material, and reserve the right to require you to keep it out of public view.

Coliseum rules do not allow you to bring any food/drink/alcohol into the facility.


If you have any GENERAL questions, you can call our Hamfest line at 260-579-2196, and leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also email the Table Chairman Howard Pletcher

Fort Wayne Hamfest & Computer Expo Policy Statement

The Fort Wayne Hamfest & Computer Expo exists for the support of the Amateur Radio and computer hobbyist and their interests connected with those hobbies. In light of this purpose, it is the policy of this event that all vendors attending the Fort Wayne Hamfest & Computer Expo shall have a minimum 50 percent of their display area directly relating to Amateur Radio, electronics, communications, computers, or accessories used in the pursuit of any of the above interests.

We reserve the right to review vendors compliance with this policy, and if found non-compliant, we will refuse future registration. The Hamfest committee's decision is final.