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Fort Wayne Hamfest
& Computer Expo

November 18 - 19, 2023

Table Information

Tables, tables and more tables

We have 400 tables, all located in a single, climate controlled room. You will be able to drive directly to your tables for unloading during setup, and for take-down once the doors close at the end of the hamfest.

The Fort Wayne Hamfest & Computer Expo offers our vendors the following: 

tables, which are 8 feet long by 2.5 feet wide, with approximately 3.5 feet behind them. The aisle in front of your table is 10.5 feet wide. These tables are $30 per table for two days use.
  See photo below.

tables, which are also 8 feet long by 2.5 feet wide, but you have a full 8 feet behind the table, which ends at an 8 foot high curtain backdrop. The aisle in front of your table is 14 feet wide. These tables are $50 per table for two days use.
  See photo below.

hookups, which are $33 for two days use of a 110V 20A, 4 outlet power drop. Note that 220V drops are available, but are charged according to the current requirements.  These must be ordered in advance.  There is an extra charge from the Coliseum for hookups made the day of the show.

Our tables are configured in double rows, back to back. There are a limited number of end caps available, and an even smaller number of locations in which a single row of tables back up to a wall. These special locations are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Tables include a parking pass, maximum one per table ordered.

If you wish to
view the general table layout, click here

Advanced table reservations are required. There will be no table sales at the door,
and orders
postmarked after 11-11-23 will not be opened.

To order tables, you can print our reservation form, and mail it to us with your money order, no checks now.



We think you'll agree that few if any hamfests offer you drive up to your tables convenience, 10.5 foot minimum aisles (14 feet in the premium section), superb lighting and excellent climate control!


You can contact Howard, our table chairman by email (tables(at) if your have a specific question,

If you have any other questions that can't be answered by the various pages here on our WEB site, you can leave a message on our Hamfest line at 260-579-2196. We'll get back to you shortly with the information. 

Premium Table Area
Flea Market Table Area